The Lehigh Earth Observatory

EES 295 Fall 2014

Introduction to research. Experiential learning in the field and laboratory. Topics include instrument calibration, GIS/GPS, field data collection, laboratory analysis, data management, analysis, and presentation, writing research proposals and papers. Mandatory field trips. Department permission required. Course is limited to six students.

This is a one credit course.

Required readings and field days.

A total of two EES295 credits (two semesters) will fulfill the EES field requirement.

Although the scheduled meeting times are Fridays from 1:00 - 4:00 another common meeting time is a possibility. Alternate times are dependent upon the schedules of those enrolled.

This one credit course will introduce students to the basics of conducting research. Beginning with understanding how to approach writing a research proposal. Topics include: forming valid scientific questions and hypotheses, testing hypotheses by examining what methods are appropriate and developing those methods through a data sampling and analysis plan. Students will gain experience in the use of GPS and GIS and associated analysis tools, a variety of field and lab instruments, calibration, applying calibration curves, laboratory analytical instruments and working with and managing different types of data. Other important experience gained will be logistics, coordinating with team members, leadership, and data communication. A total of two ees295 credits (two semesters) will fulfill the EES field Requirement.

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