Pennsylvania Seismicity

The seismicity maps of Pennsylvania were generated from an Arc/Info GIS using the latitude and longitude of earthquake epicenters from 1798-present. There are about fifty events marking the maps. These are the most defined and most accurate earthquakes on record in Pennsylvania. Using the locations of the epicenters, three different maps were created. The first map shows the county boundaries with the seismicity shown as magnitude.

Richter Scale Magnitude Seismicity Map

The second map is the county boundaries with earthquake epicenters showing the Mercalli Intensity Scale. The Mercalli intensity scale measures the area the earthquake is felt at a certain intensity as well as the level of damage. The Mercalli intensity scale is only shown at the epicenters, not over a broad area.

Mercalli seismicity map

The third map is Pennsylvania seismicity with the landforms of Pennsylvania to show what kind of environment the Pennsylvania earthquakes are most-likely to occur in.

Landform seismicity map