Guide to Common Birds on Lehigh University Campus

The information, pictures, and sounds in this guide are taken mostly from the Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter ( assembled by Gough, Sauer, and Iliff (1998), The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (, and the recently published book "Birds of the Lehigh Valley." These websites are very effective for looking into a more complete listing obirds, and the book is an excelent tool for information about birds and birdwatching in the Lehigh Valley.

Occurrence Status Key: (taken from "Birds of the Lehigh Valley")

Resident = Present year round and breeds here.
Breeding Bird = Breeds here, absent during non-breeding season. (Most birds breed during late spring and summer months.)
Winter Visitor = Occurs in winter, does not breed here.


Mountain Hawk Defeaticus lafayettica (Patriota)
Common Name Scientific Name (Family)

Bird facts
This bird preys primarily on leopards.
(A few facts about each bird)
Field Marks- Note the oversized head and relatively small wingspan. The Lehigh and 18 markings are also characteristic.
(What features to look for when I.D.'ing bird)
Occurrence Status- Resident (more common in the fall)
(The time of the year this bird is found in this area, see key above)

(The birds song or cal

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